Believe in Orange #43
Believe in Orange #43

Believe in Orange #43

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2 Sleeve Tees is extremely excited to partner back up with Pro Race car driver Ryan Eversley on his “Believe In Orange” line of shirts.

For those fortunate enough to meet Ryan you can’t help but say to yourself, “Wow…those are some great sideburns”.

 An extremely avid and opinionated fan of racing, his passion for the sport is only rivaled by its most diehard of fans. Trust us, just check out his twitter page (

The “Believe In Orange” mantra that Ryan has, comes from his roots in racing and his early exposure to the sport. Ryan’s father, John Eversley worked for Mclaren’s Project 4. Ryan wanted to honor this rich history with such a legendary company in the best way he knew how. Ryan states “…when it came time to design my helmet; which is a drivers trademark; I decided to use orange to accent my design. Orange has been the Mclaren color for its entirety…”Using Mclaren’s “Believe in Mclaren” motto for his inspiration he found “Believe In Orange” was the perfect fit.

From his never ending work with CTF ( to his charity work on a local level (, “Believe In Orange” has become so much more than his racing motto. It symbolizes a lifestyle.

This is why 2 Sleeve Tees couldn’t be more excited to bring you the “Believe In Orange” shirt!