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Team Instinct Throwback Shirt

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You've got the Pokemon. You've got the skills. Now you are ready to battle. But do you have your Throwback Team Instinct shirt???


If not pick up yours today!


You don't wanna look like a chump rolling into a battle wearing a ratty old non team color shirt. Come on! You're better than that.


Team Instinct is not the largest team but you are proud. I wouldn't back an Instinct into a corner.  Pretty soon they will be saying "Float like a butterfly sting like an Instinct!" 


Rep Team Instinct in style. When Valor or Mystic see you rolling up in your Throwback Team Instinct they will be trembling in their shoes. 


Team, let's do this right. Pick up your shirt and support Team Instinct and let these fools know what's up!



Size Chest (inches) Waist (inches)
S 34-36 30-32
M 38-40 32-33
L 42-44 33-34
XL 46-48 36-38
2XL 48-50 40-42
3XL 50-52 44-48